Stressless E400

Stressless E400 sofa

E400 / 2Seat W60.6" X H32.6" X D37.8" |  Seat Height 18.1" X Seat Depth 22"

E400 / 3Seat W86.5" X H32.6" X D37.8" |  Seat Height 18.1" X Seat Depth 22"

E400 / Long Seat W38.5" X H32.6" X D74" |  Seat Height 18.1" X Seat Depth 22"

 Leg Options Steel Leg Round 80mm, 110mm, 140mm

Wood Leg Round 80mm, 110mm, 140mm 

 The Stressless E400 modular sofa with ErgoAdapt adds optimum comfort and increased flexibility to your sofa solution.  The sofa has an elegant and timeless design, with tall, slim armrests. 

The ErgoAdapt system means the seat cushions automatically tilt downwards at the back when you sit down, so that you always get the most comfortable sitting position. When you lie down on the sofa, the seat cushions re-adjust to a horizontal position. Regardless of what you do, the result is the same every time; optimal comfort.

The soft back cushions are filled with a mixture of shredded foam and down, which is malleable and provides good support when sitting on the sofa. Like all down cushions these must be regularly banged/shaken into shape. Textile back cushions should be turned regularly. For the Stressless E400, you can choose different covers for the back cushions and the rest of the sofa, and thereby get your own combination of colours and covers in fabric and leather.  You can also put together your favourite modules, so you get the optimal sofa for your home.  Choose from steel or wooden legs, all available in different heights.